Governance Structure

Our school is operated by Pontefract Academies Trust.

The Trust was created under the provisions of the Academies Act 2010, as amended by the Education Act 2011. Its structure of governance is constituted under the Articles of Association. The Trust is an exempt charity by virtue of the Charities Act 2011.

The Funding Agreement between the Department for Education (DfE) and the Trust sets out the terms and conditions on which grant is made. The Trust Board is responsible for ensuring that the conditions of grant are met. As part of this process the Trust is required to have in place appropriate arrangements for sound governance, financial management, securing value for money and accounting, and for using public funds for the purposes for which they were intended by Parliament.

This Trust Board is accountable in law for all decisions about its schools. This does not mean that the Trust Board is required to make all of the decisions itself. Some decisions can be, and are delegated, including to SPRB, delegated officers, and other Trust Board established committees. The Scheme of Delegation sets out the framework which the Trust Board has approved.

Larks Hill J & I School and De Lacy Primary School SPRB

The Larks Hill J & I School and De Lacy Primary School SPRB is a sub-committee of the Trust Board and has various responsibilities delegated to it through the Pontefract Academies Trust Governance Policy and Scheme of Delegation.

The SPRB of Larks Hill J & I School and De Lacy Primary School is currently made up of:

S KhanSPRB MemberTrust Board Appointed Parent20/07/202119/07/2025

Name Role Appointed By From To
D Wilkins Chair Trust Board Appointed Parent 05/10/2020 13/12/2024
S Annable SPRB Member Trust Board 10/12/2019 09/12/2023
A Dee SPRB Member Trust Board 17/09/2014 16/09/2022
I Shuttleworth Headteacher, Larks Hill J & I School Ex-officio 11/06/2018 Not Applicable
J Parkinson Headteacher, De Lacy Primary School Ex-officio 01/01/2021 Not Applicable
T Hollies SPRB Member Trust Board 04/02/2014 03/02/2022
C Hughes SPRB Member Trust Board 10/12/2019 09/12/2023
A Lunn SPRB Member Trust Board 07/03/2019 06/03/2023
J Kneafsey SPRB Member Trust Board 14/12/2020 13/12/2024

The Chair can be contacted at the following address:

Larks Hill Junior & Infant School
Larks Hill

or by email at


We feel privileged to be in a position of looking for new talent to appoint as our School governors for our School Performance Review Board. To find out more information on what the position entails or to apply, please click here.


David Wilkins (Chair)

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Sarah Annable (SPRB Member)

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Anthony Dee (SPRB Member)

For most of my career I have worked as a manager for bus and tourist companies. I am now semi-retired but work part-time for Poppleton’s Coaches in Pontefract.

I have been a member of the SPRB for 16 years. I am also Chair of Governors and a Director at New College in Pontefract, Chairman of the Carleton High School Parent, Teacher and Friends Association and a member of the committee of the Wakefield Association of School Governors. I also serve on the Transportation and Rail Groups of Pontefract Civic Society.

My two daughters attended Larks Hill J & I School 10 years ago and I am pleased to give my services as a way of showing my gratitude to the school for the education which they received.

Ian Shuttleworth (Headteacher, Larks Hill J & I School)

Prior to becoming Head of School at Larks Hill Junior and Infant School, I thoroughly enjoyed performing the roles of Head of PE, Director of Sport and Class Teacher in my previous schools. During more recent times, I performed the roles of Deputy Headteacher and also Headteacher. I was delighted to be appointed as Head of School at Larks Hill in June 2018, at what is an exciting and forward thinking time for the Pontefract Academies Trust.

My overriding ambition is to raise standards and expectations at the school across the board, and to provide the children and their families with the highest possible standard of academic and pastoral support during their time with us. Ensuring that the children are provided with every opportunity to be the best version of themselves and are able to maximise their potential, is the number one priority of all staff who work at the school.

The power and importance of having high level communication and strong partnerships in place with parents/carers and the local community should not be underestimated and this is something that I always expect to be at the centre of our school ethos. It goes without saying, that we have such a responsibility to provide all our children with the skill sets and life skills which will enable them to be able to access success and achievement as they move through their school journey and beyond.

James Parkinson (Headteacher, De Lacy Primary School)

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Trish Hollies (SPRB Member)

I grew up on a council estate on the outskirts of Leeds in the late 50s and in the 60s I was selected for a place at the local grammar school, where I decided teaching was to be my career. After qualifying as a teacher I worked in a secondary school, later in primary school and finally a nursery school, at which point I started working with families.

A move into ‘Family Learning’ followed and I worked for a number of providers who created and developed courses to help parents support their child’s learning, improve their own skills, develop their confidence and enable them to have more of a say in local community matters. I later moved into my current role in Adult Education, becoming an Area Education Organiser for the Workers Educational Association.

When my children started secondary school I was asked to become a member of the SPRB and I also became a governor at a local primary school. During this time I took on a range of roles, usually in relation to special needs, safeguarding and inclusion.

My heart lies with working with parents, seeing the impact learning has on families, seeing a parent lead by example, the parent celebrating their child’s success and, in turn, raising aspirations for their family and future. I feel proud and privileged to be part of that and, as a member of the SPRB, to be part of Pontefract Academies Trust.

Claire Hughes (SPRB Member)

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Alex Lunn (SPRB Member)

Having been to school in Otley, West Yorkshire, I went on to study English at Trinity College, Cambridge University. From there I began Teach First and entered my teaching career in an area of social deprivation near Halifax. After learning my craft in the classroom I took on a leadership role in the Sixth Form of an outstanding school, supporting it to rapidly improve outcomes and raise the aspirations of its students.

Following this, I was appointed as Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour and Safeguarding in a challenging school with a diverse cohort of students. Recently, I have moved into a similar role for Student Support at The King's School and am thoroughly enjoying my work for the school and the Trust. My areas of specialism include safeguarding culture and practice, improving attendance and managing behaviour to create a positive climate for learning.

I joined the SPRB in January 2019.

Joanna Kneafsey (SPRB Member)

Coming soon.

Samaak Khan (SPRB Member)

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SPRB Current Register of Business Interests

S KhanSPRB MemberNone declared

Role Name of business or organisation/educational organisation Nature of business or organisation Nature of interest Date of appointment of acquisition Date of cessation of interest
D Wilkins Chair None declared
S Annable SPRB Member Larks Hill J & I School Education provider Assistant Headteacher October 2017 N/A
A Dee SPRB Member Poppletons Coaches Coach Operator Part-time Driver 01/09/2017 N/A
New Collaborative Learning Trust 6th Form College Director & Governor 2016 N/A
Carleton High School PTFA Secondary School Chairman and Trustee 2017 N/A
I Shuttleworth Headteacher, Larks Hill J & I School None declared
J Parkinson Headteacher, De Lacy Primary School None declared
T Hollies SPRB Member Worker Education Association (WEA) Provider of Adult Education Employee 1995 N/A
C Hughes SPRB Member De Lacy Primary School Education Teacher 01/09/2018 N/A
A Lunn SPRB Member None declared
J Kneafsey SPRB Member None declared

Larks Hill J & I School SPRB Membership & Attendance Summary 2020/21

From To Appointed By Meetings attended Out of a possible
D Wilkins (Chair) 14/12/20 03/02/24 Trust Board 3 3
S Annable 10/12/19 09/12/23 Trust Board appointed staff 4 4
A Dee 17/09/14 16/09/22 Trust Board 4 4
A Dennis 14/12/20 13/12/24 Trust Board 2 2
T Hollies 04/02/14 03/02/22 Trust Board 4 4
C Hughes 10/12/19 09/12/23 Trust Board appointed staff 4 4
J Kneafsey 14/12/20 13/12/24 Trust Board 2 2
A Lunn 07/03/19 06/03/23 Trust Board 4 4
J Parkinson (Head) 01/01/21 N/A Ex-officio 2 2
I Shuttleworth (Head) 11/06/18 N/A Ex-officio 4 4
Left within the last 12 months:
J Beevers (Chair) 18/03/15 18/01/21 Trust Board 2 2
S Conroy 29/09/14 14/07/21 Trust Board 2 2
T Fay 01/09/18 31/12/20 Ex-Officio 1 1